fot. Stefan Rutkowski
I sing because my soul needs it...
This can be the motto for my whole artistic creation. My present repertoire is the result of my long term passion and is directly connected to my life… Ancient and traditional music have been an inspiration for me for many years. I am also fascinated by the variety of ways in which they can be performed now.
My choice of repertoire and the way to perform it has always been very personal, never influenced by commercial reasons. It was connected to my own interests but it was also a result of meetings with extraordinary musician with whom I created projects later.
In the section: PROGRAMS you can find projects that I perform with different musiciens and ensembles. Below I present programmes that I perform solo with the guitar (and hurdy-gurdy):

MORENA ME LLAMAN – Sephardic songs
YEDID NEFESH – Hebrew songs for Shabbat
UNTER BOYMER – Evening of Jewish songs (Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino)
UNA TARDE DE VERANO – Songs of ancient Spain and Latin America

fot. Marta Rybicka

You can read more about my artistic creation at: BIOGRAPHY
Apart from music, nature has always been for me an endless source of inspiration...
fot. Piotr Szymanik
fot. Priva