You can join the ensemble and take part in regular singing workshop.
If you are interested please contact me
EL ARTE DE CANTAR is a permanent vocal workshop directed in Warsaw by Anna Riveiro within ANNA RIVEIRO VOCAL MASTER CLASSES.
The workshops are held in a small group and they are a great opportunity to develop the voice with a professional teacher and to get to know beautiful songs, which are quite unknown in Poland. The repertoire is realized in half-year cycles with a concert at the end (in June).
Hiszpania 150-1
The aim of the rehearsals conducted by Anna Riveiro is to develop vocal abilities through special emission and breathing exercises (look: singing lessons) and to learn the repertoire connected mainly with music of ancient Spain, especially Sephardic music, Jewish music and music from Latin-American countries.
Performing Spanish, Sephardic and Latin-American songs provides a possibility to freely express emotions and helps to ‘open the voice’. A special part of the repertoire are Sephardic songs (songs of Spanish Jews), which are quite unknown in Poland and which have been performed by Anna Riveiro for many years.
The workshops are open for those who would like to develop their singing technique and creativity as well as for those who would like to broaden their musical horizons. At the same time rehearsals are a great opportunity to experience joy and satisfaction of performing together.
The members of the consort are at different ages: teenagers, students and adults (there is no age limit).
The best moment to join the rehersals is at the beginning of September – then the recruitment takes place. However it is sometimes possible to join the consort in different times of the year, too (after a consultation with Anna Riveiro).
If you are interested please contact me.
The number of places is limited.

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This is how the members of the consort present it 🙂

Ania, or our „maestra”
Everybody from the consort had to go through it… Everybody had imagined it… hundreds of times before doing it and they had thought if it would go on well or not… I am talking of course about the „test”, which our maestra gives to every new member before letting him or her join the consort. I remember my test well, my fear that I would be hopeless and it would turn out that it was better not to open my mouth and frighten people away… But the biggest fear was that the singer would tell me that I should find a different hobby… That is why, when I was going to Ania’s house for the first time to show my voice (or the lack of it), I imagined various things, for example a very strict teacher who would ask me to sing impossible things…
I remember the moment in which Ania opened the door and I saw a very nice person, who was completely different from the strict teacher I had imagined. She invited me inside, we talked a little and then I do not know how it happened but she managed without a problem to make me emit a few sounds while she was playing the piano and… I passed the test. I have remembered till today that it was a pleasant experience, thanks to Ann.
Our maestra is exactly like that, I do not know how she does it, but she can encourage everybody to work as hard as they can and gives us hope that we can sing better and better. She never criticizes (she always says „Well.. almost”:-) ) but she praises us a lot, which motivates us.
Thanks to her we want to sing better and we know that we have to cooperate with each other to achieve it. We have a great atmosphere in the consort because we try to help each other to make the voices sound good. By the way, Ania’s alert ear spots every bad note in whatever voice, she always surprises us by that and we know we have to be careful.
Privately our Ann (this is how we call her when she cannot hear 🙂 ) is a very nice, cheerful and open person who makes the rehearsals a real pleasure, because apart from hard work we can expect at least 10 minutes of laughter, which is by the way a great exercise for your diaphragm and a well-trained diaphragm is necessary to emit high-pitched sounds…:-)
I think Ann has brought something new into our lives, she has made us love ancient music and has given us faith that we can sing together and do it well. A lot of people started to learn Spanish thanks to her lessons. The best, however, is the fact that a group of people have a great fun during rehearsals..
Agnieszka Kostera-Kosterzewska
What distinguishes this consort from other singing groups? Generally, to start singing in such a musical consort one has to have certain knowledge about music. In „Los bilbilicos” it is different: you can join without knowing anything about music theory, you do not even have to read notes! The only thing you need is a good ear and some enthusiasm. If someone does not know what kind of voice they have, it does not matter; after the first „singing test” the teacher will invite this person to sing with sopranoes / altoes or basses / tenors.
Anna Jagielska-Riveiro guarantees professional care for everybody who takes part in the rehersals and she is particularly helpful for beginners. She combines patience with a sense of humour, intuition and great pedagogical skills. Such a teacher can help both professionalists and beginners who have just started their adventure in the realm of singing.
Now a few words about the repertoire. The consort performs ancient Polish, Italian, French and Spanish songs, but not only. The real treasure are Sephardic songs. The texts of all the songs are read during the rehersals by the teacher (with translations), so the knowledge of languages is not necessary. It is obvious that Anna Jagielska-Riveiro decides about the type and difficulty of the song the consort will sing. The vocalist really loves pieces from Latin-America and Spain (including Sephardic songs) and she tries to show their beauty to others.

Paulina Siayor