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Apart from music, I professionally deal with interior architecture and design.

Interior designing is close to composing a new piece of music. Composition, arrangement, color, timbre, tone... an uniform style or a compilation of styles – all these elements are common to music and interior design. Nevertheless, the most important thing is the harmony – an interaction of elements based on similarities and contrasts.

I like to connect different styles and conventions. I look for inspirations all over the world and I can help in choosing style and colours as well as furniture, accessories and additional elements, taking into account the taste and lifestyle of the owners.

I make comprehensive interior designs for flats and houses (I have an international Graphisoft Archicad Certificate) as well as advise in the arrangement of individual rooms. I always adapt my cooperation to the needs and abilities of the customer.

I am happy to meet and listen to people - this way I learn about their personalities and what kind of interior they are dreaming of. So if you would like to arrange your interior in accordance with the beat of your heart and the melody of your soul... I invite you to contact me. I will design your interior like a virtuoso! 🙂

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