CANTIGAS DE AMIGO -  Medieval women’s songs

A musical story about feelings in women’s eyes. A woman who is missing her lover, suffering, complaining but she is also playing, flirting and hurting him… it is a colourful portrait painted with a poetic tone of the XIIIth century lyric.

This story consists of the oldest Spanish series of love songs „Cantigas de Amigo” („Songs to a Friend”) of the Spanish musician and poet Martin Codax and songs of Troubadours and Trouvers, for example of the famous „Troubadess” Comtessa de Dia.

In August 2008 the publishing company RIVEIRO Music issued the CD Cantigas de Amigo – Songs to a Lover (Medieval women’s songs).


Trio Comtessa:
Anna Riveiro: vocal, gothic harp, concert scenario.
Marta Maślanka: dulcimer, percussion instruments.
Jolanta Kossakowska: medieval fidels.



fot. Piotr Szymanik
Watch a video from the concert at the Royal Castle in Warsaw (2011):

Early music consort „COMTESSA” was founded with the initiative of the singer Anna Jagielska-Riveiro. It has a rich and various repertoire, in which Medieval and traditional music has special significance. The consort’s desire is to achieve the best reconstruction of music of the past. It also seeks for new, original interpretations of the extraordinary world of ancient music that would be intriguing for the modern listener. The musicians of COMTESSA perform ancient, folk and ethno music in Poland and abroad.
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