Vocal workshops


This workshop is dedicated both for people who have experience in singing and for those who would like to try it for the first time (knowledge of Ladino or Spanish language and note reading is not necessary). I think everybody can learn something interesting during the workshop as Sephardic songs give us a possibility to express freely, show our emotions and open our voice. Moreover, the aim of the workshop is to show the history of Sephardic music – it is a kind of musical trip from the Middle Ages till now…
Vocal workshop can be connected with a concert programme – after each concert there is a possibility to conduct a short vocal workshop / to teach songs to the public.
It is also possible to organize a longer, separate workshop of Sephardic, Jewish or Spanish songs.
 fot. Radek Rosiński
fot. Sławek Kaczorowski
During the workshop I would like to propose:
– voice emission and breathing exercises
– learning songs belonging to the Sephardic culture
– exercises connected with the rhythm, adornments and expression characteristic for Sephardic music
– slistening to different ways of performing Sephardic music while paying attention to various possibilities of interpretation, arrangement and use of instruments
Vocal workshops – general description

During my artistic career I have studied various vocal techniques connected with classical music (such as ‘bel canto’ or Italian school of natural singing), ancient and folk music (for example ‘white voice singing’) as well as pop music. Nevertheless, the basis of each technique is always the same: correct breathing, using appropriate resonators in our body (depending on the pitch of the note and desired expression) as well as relaxing throat muscles and lowering the voice box. Learning these abilities makes singing a real pleasure :-).
I teach these things during my lessons through various breathing, emission and rhythm exercises, very often designed by me and sometimes conducted as a ‘singing game’. Of course technical exercises are only a warm-up. The aim of the workshop is usually to learn songs connected with a particular country, epoque or style. Learning a song is accompanied with work on correct expression, characteristic rhythms and ornamentation.
I think singing may be a way to express our deeply hidden emotions, which sometimes are easier to sing than to say… To make the expression really free, however, we need to have technique, which will allow us to sing easily.
I am still searching – I am all the time learning and gaining experience. I am encouraging everybody to do the same because I am sure that sining opens new, often surprising ways in our lives.
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