Sefarad moderna

SEFARAD MODERNA - Sephardic songs with jazz piano

Sephardic tradition in ethno-jazz.

In this new project, the artists show a surprising combination featuring traditional Sephardic songs and jazz sound as well as contemporary harmony and piano coloring.

Gifted with a charismatic voice, the vocalist Anna Riveiro shares with the audience an abundance of feelings hidden in the songs, using various vocal techniques that refer to the performances of Sephardic music in the Mediterranean countries.

Whereas, jazz pianist and composer, Miłosz Oleniecki continues to maintain the tension and suspense in his accompaniment using a vast array of contrasts, tonal and modal harmony, changing and untypical rhythms.

The artists make also a link to the trans and improvised music, taking the audience on an emotional journey around the paths of Sefarad Moderna

Anna Riveiro: voice, concert scenario
Miłosz Oleniecki Trio