Os invito cordialmente a las Lecciones Individuales de Canto como parte de: ANNA RIVEIRO VOCAL STUDIO y Talleres Vocales como parte de: ANNA RIVEIRO VOCAL MASTER CLASSES


Anna Riveiro has been a fabulous teacher, and I've treasured the opportunity to study Ancient Sephardic and Hebrew vocal traditions with her. The online tuition option was very convenient, allowing me to study from Australia despite the international travel restrictions. Anna's instruction proved very helpful as I prepared certain arrangements for live performances and recording projects. I greatly appreciated her expertise on linguistic inflections in the oral Sephardic tradition, as subtle differences often occur.
Anna Riveiro is a lovely and encouraging teacher, and I am blessed to have had time with her.

Ness (Vanessa Hooley), Australia, oficial website: www.finess-studios.com

I have always thought that if I can sing high, it is impossible for me to sing low. How wrong could I be! After a few months of singing lessons with Anna Riveiro I found out that my vocal range developed in an unbelievable way – both up and down! Maybe it is because since the first meeting I have been feeling I am in good hands –  I am taught by a wonderful teacher, outstanding singer and a wonderful person. I really like these lessons very much not only because of great vocal exercises and interesting songs, but also due to the atmosphere –  Anna does not stress me out, but she supports me and makes my voice sound as good as possible. I love the songs we sing – Sephardic songs are really beautiful and quite rare in Poland, so that’s a great opportunity to learn them with Anna Riveiro (who really knows how to sing them!) During the pandemic lessons take place online, but it is not a problem at all and in my opinion everybody can learn how to sing and develop their own voice this way as well.
Agnieszka Kostera-Kosterzewska, Malta (she also participates in vocal workshop: „El Arte de cantar”).

I have been taking online lessons with Anna Riveiro for four months. At the beginning I was skeptical about online singing classes, but my teacher quickly proved me wrong. I have noticed that online lessons help me spot my mistakes faster. However, I owe the most to Ania. She is a nice person and very knowledgeable about singing. She solved my problem very quickly as I couldn't sing high-pitched notes. She can also help with a good repertoire and a song recording or performance preparation.  I have noticed I have made a lot of progress since the day I started, so if you love to sing and feel that something is not working for you, I think Ania will easily help you improve and fix what's needed.
Angelika Beinka, England

I have been having singing lessons with Ania Riveiro for a year and two months. I started from the very beginning, but during that period of time my voice developed very quickly and I started singing difficult Sephardic and Hebrew songs. Now I am having online lessons. This way of learning is not an obstacle to further develop and enhance my voice. 
Katarzyna Jańczak, Poland


Anna Riveiro – a singer, artist and for us, her students – Ania.
I started lessons with Ania 10 years ago. I came for a workshop that she was running during holiday period for the group “Los Bilbilicos”. I just wanted o sing for a month, but I have stayed ever since – because of a great atmosphere in the group, because of an unusual, original repertoire but mainly because of Ania, who is warm, charismatic and professional in every aspect of her work. She is not only a teacher, but also an outstanding performer who sings beautiful pieces. Ania is able to “extract” our voices, sometimes hidden under our fears and shame. I started singing as an alto, but after some time my range widened and I started singing as a soprano. Every week we wait impatiently for the lesson, because it gives us a chance to break away from everyday life and enter the world of beautiful songs. Particularly now, when we cannot meet face to face and the lessons are organized online, these weekly meetings are a breath of fresh air in our houses closed due to the pandemic…
Marta Koziarska, Poland

It’s never too late to learn! I have found Anna and her wonderful small singing group while living in Warsaw a couple years ago. When I started attending the classes, I had only a vague idea on how far my voice could be developed as I have not been singing before. Good sense of music and rythm, some bravery, Anna’s warm encouragement, and friendly camaraderie of everyone in the group made my growth possible. In a way, Sephardic and other songs in group’s repertoire can be a challenge for everyone as you are singing in a language you don’t understand. But the challenge is so worth it as melodies are absolutely beautiful and stretch your abilities in a way more conventional lessons or chorus practice might not have. I was sad to leave the classes behind as time came to return to the US in March of 2020. That’s where pandemic had a positive effect - one of very few, of course. The classes went online which meant I could continue them from my home in New Jersey!   Sometimes it was a challenge to carve out time for the online lesson from the work afternoon (rather than attending in the evening), but these weekly sessions have been a source of great comfort and precious human connection, as well as allowed me to continue working on my voice. Forever grateful for the gift of finding Anna and this group!
Dina Smirnova, USA

I sing because I like singing. I have been singing with Maestra for a few years now. When I sing I open my heart and oxygenate my brain, because when you sing, you have to breathe! You can sing out your sorrows and anxieties. It is nice to sing in a group – it is funnier and livelier this way. It turned out that online session on Zoom work well and we can still meet, even if this is the only way. Maestra has always known how to motivate us – in a funny but firm way. She is very happy when she sees our progress. We feel that years of exercises bring results. We are developing, opening our voices, growing confidence in our skills and joy when we sing! We know more and more songs and we learn texts that are not always so easy but they give us even more satisfaction. We are happy to know melodies and texts of Sephardic songs that are not going to be forgotten if there is at least one person who remembers them – like our Maestra. Thank you Ania!
Ewa Gościńska, Poland