Welcome to take part in individual lessons and vocal workshops "online" (through SKYPE, MESSENGER or ZOOM) or "face to face" (in Warsaw). I conduct every lesson on the basis of my long experience in singing, performing, teaching and psychology. The participants of online lessons “Singing without Boarders” come from different places in Poland and from all over the world (look at: Students’ testimonials).

Singing classes are available for everybody – beginners and advanced. My students are vocalists or actors who would like to prepare for a performance as well as those who are just starting their singing adventure. I treat every student in a holistic way and I choose teaching methods and vocal exercises individually for each person. There is also a possibility to learn singing accompanied by a guitar.

I prepare vocalists for recordings and I also check if the recorded material is suitable for publishing. I give consultations to vocalists and actors who are preparing for concerts, performances, recording sessions etc. I also help anybody who is going to take an exam to a musical school or wants to take part in a vocal contest.

I give my students a possibility to learn songs from my concert repertoire, such as Sephardic, Spanish and Hebrew songs. Apart from learning a song, the I work with my students on expression appropriate for a given genre as well as characteristic rhythms, ornaments and interpretation.

 fot. Marta Rybicka
fot. Marta Rybicka

When you have good technique, you can sing even under water!:)

fot. Stefan Rutkowski

I teach natural voice emission, which makes it possible to bring out the voice’s full range and is useful in any kind of singing – from ancient and classical music, through folk and ethnic music to different kinds of pop music. During my artistic journey I have studied numerous vocal techniques and I use my knowledge to teach others the best techniques of voice development. I can also diagnose problems with a voice and efficiently help to solve them.

When teaching free voice emission in whole range of your voice I can help you to:
- Extend your vocal range, so that both high and low notes are easy to sing
- Equalize vocal registers and eliminate “breaks” and “breakdowns” in the voice
- Control your breath and sing longer phrases in full voice without fatigue (using the whole vocal range)
- Choose the repertoire and pitch (each voice is unique and needs individual approach)

If you are advanced or a professional we can work on your own repertoire. Depending on the level we may work on improving the style, method of voice emission, ornaments or interpretation of a piece. Broadly defined voice emission is useful to everyone who uses their voice in an active way: teachers, journalists, lecturers, those who conduct workshops etc. With good voice emission your voice will be more resonant and louder and you will not be tired after singing or speaking for a long time.

If you dream about singing but do not believe in your skills or you would like to prepare for a performance but you have never sung and you have little time – I invite you as well. I believe singing is a way to express feelings that are deep inside us and that are easier to sing than to say. To make the expression really easy, however, we need technique that will help us sing freely.

Irrespective of musical style the basis of each technique is always the same: correct breath, proper use of our body resonators (depending on the pitch and desired expression), lowered voice box and relaxed throat. Learning these skills make singing a real pleasure.

Sometimes deep inside us there is a desire to sing, although we are not sure of our own skills. Then I encourage you to try, because I am deeply convinced that singing opens new, sometimes surprising doors and shows us new horizons…

I conduct individual singing and voice emission lessons in Warsaw in my Vocal Studio at Sielecka street (next to Łazienki Królewskie - Royal Łazienki) and ONLINE (by Skype, Messenger, Zoom).

I teach in Spanish, English, French and Polish.

The price of a lesson depends on its length (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and how many lessons you want to take (single lesson or a packet).
If you want to learn more please  contact me.

You can pay your lessons by traditional bank transfer (I have a business account in Polish bank) or by PayPal using this link:
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