JEWISH MUSIC – Hebrew, Sephardic and Yiddish songs

The most beautiful prayers of High Holidays and Shabbat

It is a unique program which consists of traditional Hebrew songs of religious character connected with High Holidays and Shabbat.

Anna Riveiro: mezzosoprano, concert scenario.
Anna Hajduk: piano, arrangements of pieces.

It is an intimate evening of Jewish songs in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. We will listen to pieces that accompany people in different situations of everyday life and holidays: prayers, lullabies, love songs...


Anna Riveiro: vocal, guitar, concert scenario.
Michał Pindakiewicz: guitar, arrangements of pieces.

It is an exceptional program which shows different aspects of multicentury Jewish musical tradition: from old Hebrew songs, dealing mainly with religious topics, through Sephardic music of secular character to traditional Yiddish repertoire.

Maayan consort:
Anna Riveiro: vocal, guitar, artistic direction.
Patrycja Napierała: cajón, udu, darabuka. Oliwier Andruszczenko: clarinet.
Jacek Mazurkiewicz:  double bass. Michał Pindakiewicz: guitar. Mateusz Szemraj: oud.

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