ANNA RIVEIRO Vocal Master Classes

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I invite you to take part in singing and voice emission lessons which I conduct in Warsaw and by Skype. During classes I use my long term experience in performing on the scene as well as in teaching:

Individual singing lessons are available for everybody: for the advanced and for complete beginners. My students are both vocalists and actors preparing for a performance as well as those who would like to start their adventure in singing. I treat each student individually as far as work methods and choice of exercises are concerned.

I give lessons to vocalists preparing for recordings as well as consult already recorded vocal or vocal-instrumental material for the release of the album.

There is also the opportunity to learn songs from my concert repertoire, among others: Sephardic, Hebrew, Spanish Latin American songs.

I teach natural voice emission, which allows people to use their voice freely, in its whole range and it is useful for all styles of signing: from classical, ancient, folk or ethnic music to different variations of pop music. I can also diagnose and solve problems with the voice, which are usually caused by incorrect emission.
During my artistic career I have studied various vocal techniques connected both with ancient and classical music, folk and ethnic music (in particular Sephardic music) as well as techniques connected with pop music.
Nevertheless, the basis of every technique is always the same: learning how to breathe correctly, the ability to use the appropriate register (depending on the pitch of a tone and the expression desired) and relaxing the throat while singing. Learning these abilities makes singing a real pleasure :-)
I share this knowledge during individual lessons and vocal workshops through various exercises, often invented especially by me and referring to voice emission and breathing. Of course these technical exercises are usually only an introduction to work on a specific repertoire both during individual lessons and workshop.
The topic of the workshop is usually learning pieces connected with a particular country, era or style. While learning a song we work on the expression, rhythms, ornamentation and interpretation which are characteristic for a given genre.
I think that singing may be a way to express our deeply hidden emotions, which sometimes are easier to sing than to say… To make the expression really free, however, we need to have technique, which will allow us to sing easily.
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  fot. Radek Rosiński

As for myself, I am still searching – all the time learning and gaining experience. I am encouraging everybody to do the same because I am sure that singing opens new, often surprising ways in our lives…
Regular voice lessons (individual and in group) take place in Warsaw, Mokotów.
It's also possible to take lessons by SKYPE.

I conduct individual lessons in Polish, English, French and Spanish. Welcome!

If you are interested, please contact me
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fot. Radek Rosiński

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