fot. Radek Rosiński
A charismatic singer, cantorial soloist, vocal coach, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, music producer.

She sings in various styles and languages performing music from different epochs, traditions and countries. In her artistic creation she is an ambassador of multiculturalism. A special place in her artistic creation is occupied by Jewish music and particularly Sephardic music. The artist also performs Hebrew songs (including cantorial liturgical repertoire) and Yiddish songs. Her artistic search heads also towards ancient and traditional music connected especially with the culture of Poland, Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America. She is also involved in the music of other cultures (including singing Arab songs of the desert and Al-Andalus).

Anna Riveiro performs in Poland and abroad. As a world recognized artist she is often invited to sing at international festivals, especially those related to world music, ethno, ethno-jazz, folk and ancient music.
She has performed, among others, in Israel, Mexico, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany and Italy. She also performe at renowned festivals in Poland, in particular those related to Jewish music, among others: WARSAW SINGER Festival, JEWISH CULTURE FESTIVAL in Cracow and SIMCHA Festival in Wrocław.

Anna Riveiro is considered to be a master of Sephardic songs and is often called “Polish voice of Sefarad” („La voz polaca de Sefarad”- Noticias del Mundo Sefaradi).She performed in the jubilee edition of the 10th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SEPHARDIC MUSIC in Cordoba (Spain), where she was the first artist from Poland in the history of this famous festival. She also sang at the 54th festival JAZZ JAMBOREE in Warsaw as a star of Sephardic music and  was invited to perform at a very special celebration of opening the only Sephardic synagogue in Poland restored in Zamość.

Interpretations of Sephardic songs by Anna Riveiro were recognized as exemplary in the UNESCO program concerning languages threatened by extinction. Her discography includes, among others, 4 CDs with Sephardic songs recorded in different styles and with various instruments. The first CD with Sephardic songs: ARVOLICOS D'ALMENDRA – ALMOND TREES, which was recorded in a duo with the singer Gerardo Ojeda-Ebert, was published in 2000 by Universal Music.

Anna Riveiro also sings as a cantor. In the years 2012-2019 she was the first woman-cantor in Poland to lead High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in the Reformed Synagogue in Warsaw. She has sung as a cantor in Israel as well. She is the founder and leader of the MAAYAN ensemble specializing in Jewish music, the ancient music ensemble COMTESSA and the group ANNA RIVEIRO Ensemble. She also plays concerts with other recognized groups and outstanding soloists.

Anna Riveiro has recorded for the radio and television. She has also made many CD recordings, including 7 solo CDs. Her CDs LUNAS OLVIDADAS and DOS AMANTES the discs were released under the patronage of the Polish Radio and the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. The CD DOS AMANTES, recorded in the Concert Studio S1 of the Polish Radio was the result of the project BAJO EL CIELO DE SEFARAD (UNDER THE SKY OF SEPHARAD) organized by Anna Riveiro with the cooperation of the Cervantes Institute, the Polish Radio and the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

In September 2018 the artist’s new CD was released:
AHAVAT OLAM – Eternal love – The most beautiful Hebrew prayers of High Holidays and Shabbat.

Apart from playing concerts, Anna Riveiro teaches courses and leads vocal workshops in Poland and abroad. She also gives singing lessons using her own vocal method in: ANNA RIVEIRO VOCAL MASTER CLASSES. The development of her voice was influenced the most by working with exceptional singers: Montserrat Figueras (Spain), Jadwiga Dzikówna (Poland), Dorota Wasilewska (Poland), Evelyn Tubb (England) and the woman-cantor Mimi Sheffer (Israel).


Anna Riveiro speaks fluently Polish, Spanish, French and English.
asics of Hebrew, Italian and Portuguese).

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