AY LINDA AMIGA - Songs of Ancient Spain
In the program of the concert we propose songs of Spanish Middle Ages and Renaissance, for example songs from the Medieval collection „Cantigas de Amigo” of Martin Codax and from the Renaissance collection called „Cancionero de Palacio”.

The concert is supplemented by ancient folk songs, among others from: „Canciones antiguas” – „Ancient Songs” gathered by the famous poet F. G. Lorca and by Sephardic songs, whose roots go back to Spanish Middle Ages.

In 2011 the program was presented in Mexico on the Ancient music festival: XIX FESTIVAL DEL ORGANO BARROCO.

Anna Riveiro: vocal, guitar, hurdy-gurdy, concert scenario.
Michał Pindakiewicz: guitar, arrangements of pieces.

Watch a video from the concert (Iglesia de la Enseñanza, Centro Histórico de Mexico City)